D-Pryde – “Flagship” (Mixtape)


Track List

1.   Flagship Intro (prod. K Beatz & Scena)
2.   Fat Lady (prod. K Beatz)
3.   Mobbin’ (prod. Den-Z & Gynus)
4.   Hometown Hero feat. Bun B (prod. K Beatz)
5.   It Only Gets Better (prod. K Beatz)
6.   Glitter To Gold (prod. Reefa & C2)
7.   Mistress (prod. Reefa)
8.   Bottom Dollar (prod. Den-Z & DJ Linobo)
9.   Normal (prod. Den-Z)
10. Ready Set Go (prod. The Theorist)
11. Applause (prod. Den-Z)
12. Pray (prod. K Beatz)
13. Wings Up (prod. Den-Z & K Beatz)
14. Palisades Parkway Flow (prod. Den-Z)
15. Outro Flow 2 (prod. Den-Z)





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