Hi-Rez – “The Window” (Mixtape)

Track List

1.A Meaning (Prod. By Joel Johnston)
2.Ride With Me (Prod. By Joel Johnston)
3.Music In Me Ft. Kyle B (Prod. By Zero Gravity)
4.Narrow Minded Critics (Prod. By Joel Johnston)
5.On The Clock (Prod. By P.R)
6.X-Problems Ft. QuESt (Prod. By Joel Johnston)
7.Growing Love (Prod. By Ako)
8.People Talk (Prod. By Lowkey)
9.Same Shit, Different Day (Prod. By Rekstarr)
10.We Are Who We Are (Prod. By Rekstarr)
11.Pay Attention (Prod. By Joel Johnston)
12.Type Of Guy (Prod. By Cutlery)
13.Undefined Ft. Cyn (Prod. By Gm3)
14.What Now (Prod. By TyCo)
15.Do What You Love (Prod. by Instinctz)



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